The Cryptopia team is fully doxxed. We pride ourselves on working for Cryptopia and building such a unique game!

Frank Bonnet

Founder and Lead Developer of Cryptopia. Frank Bonnet comes with 12 years of experience designing, as well as building countless enterprise .NET applications. With a deep understanding of blockchain and smart-contract development, he is essential to our team. Frank has a business view with a developer’s expertise.

Hansco Leek

Hansco Leek is the co-founder of Cryptopia. He has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2016 as an investor and entrepreneur. Together with Frank, they founded Cryptopia - the Groundbreaking Blockchain-Driven Metaverse game. Hans has been helping with operations and providing necessary resources to kickstart Cryptopia in the past 2 year.

Sangho Grolleman

Sangho Grolleman is the CEO of Cryptopia. He has been active in cryptocurrency since 2018 and worked with several cryptocurrency startups both as a team member (CEO and COO) and as an external advisor. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and full stack developer, as well as a teacher and trainer. He also brings over 30 years of gaming experience as an avid gamer.

You can find the full team here.

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