Multisig wallet

Cryptopia introduces a revolutionary wallet embedded within the game engine, prioritizing security and convenience. The built-in and stand-alone Cryptopia wallet enables users to own a single wallet with multiple devices, providing added security measures comparable to two-factor authentication (2FA). This approach minimizes the risk of losing all assets if one device is compromised. Moreover, users can co-own a wallet with other players, fostering partnerships and shared ownership.

It allows you to own one wallet with multiple devices. It gives you 2FA. It means you don't lose everything when one device is compromised because the chances of both devices getting compromised are much smaller. You can also own a wallet with multiple players. You and your life partner could even co-own a wallet. The Cryptopia wallet is the first ever built inside a game engine that allows for frictionless blockchain gaming.

Cryptopia delivers a strategy where people won't need to buy crypto. We sell the game to you for a dollar. You get $1.00 worth of gas in your account to start with. Because it's free-to-play-and-earn, you start earning. And some of those earnings are allocated for gas. So you won't have to deposit crypto to pay gas fees ever. That makes it frictionless. You download the game, start playing like a regular game, and don't need anything else. Behind the scenes, the game signs transactions for you, submits them to the blockchain, and waits until they are complete.

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