Blockchain games are complex

Blockchain games are complex. Especially for gamers that are new to crypto. They need to create a wallet, acquire crypto, and, most likely, buy an NFT. There are many drop-off points, which raises the barrier to starting with blockchain games.

Cryptopia makes onboarding intuitive and easy by abstracting away the blockchain. The game is built on top of a multisig wallet. This means that players do not need an external wallet (like MetaMask or TrustWallet). They create a game account (just like any traditional game) and get a wallet with that. It also means players do not leave the game environment when interacting with the blockchain. Everything is done from the game UI, making it a seamless experience. In addition, a multisig wallet is the safest and most secure wallet available. This helps newbies to crypto feel safe and secure.

Having our own wallet makes it possible to pre-fund accounts of non-crypto users. We sell our game for 1 USD and give 1 USD worth of gas back. This way, new users do not have to go to an exchange and buy crypto. They just download our game, create an account, and are ready to go!

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