Wouldn't it be amazing if we could live in a world where everyone's primary objective is to enhance the quality of life through the utilization of technological advancements? Well, that's precisely what the Tech faction aspires to accomplish.

The Technocrats, founded by Sam Clark, have the most futuristic and analytical perspective of Cryptopia. Sam Clark is the genius behind the technology powering Cryptopia. Sam started like any child curious about technology, by getting into robotics and coding. He teamed up with like-minded individuals to establish the Technocrats, a group of young inventors innovating everyday life through technology and scientific experimentation. They seek to create an expert population, who develop self-sustaining industries that will generate economic growth and prosperity.

The Tech faction has a clear objective: to continuously enhance the quality of life for everyone through innovation and automation. Achieving such dreams is no easy feat, and it comes with a considerable cost, but the Technocrats possess unwavering confidence in their ability to transform their ideas into reality.

Their vision entails a future where life is characterized by reduced labor intensity and an overall elevated living standard. To attain this, they advocate for a population consisting of a limited number of experts who share aligned perspectives. The Tech faction remains consistently updated with the latest technologies and harnesses these advancements to pursue their goals.

One significant breakthrough the Technocrats have made is in the realm of gene-altering technology, which they believe will aid them in achieving their ultimate objective. This technology enables the modification of individuals' fertility, transitioning them from being fertile to infertile, and vice versa—a tool that the Tech faction plans to utilize.

In order to realize their overarching goal of cultivating a select group of highly qualified and productive members of society, the initial approach involves rendering everyone infertile. Should individuals wish to have offspring, they will undergo a comprehensive assessment based on factors such as intellect, accomplishments, and child-rearing abilities. This evaluation ensures that the offspring will be happy and healthy, and contribute to the faction's goals. The decision regarding their ability to have children will be made by an AI.

The gene-altering approach has the potential to address significant issues in society. For instance, it prevents unqualified individuals from voting for incompetent leaders and can also serve as a preventive measure against poverty.

Opposition: Traditional Faction

The Traditional faction seeks to retain the largest population in order to influence policy for the masses, but the Tech faction holds a different viewpoint. They argue that a larger population brings about several issues, including increased unemployment and strain on the infrastructure necessary to support housing, transportation, healthcare, and education.

Gameplay Factor

The universal population is the factor that will affect the Tech faction’s gameplay. The Tech faction wants to keep the population level low. The population level doesn’t derive from the number of players at a given time, it rather refers to the total population score of all buildings. Each building will receive a population score, and buildings from the Tech faction contribute to lowering the population score. So the more buildings created by the Tech faction, the lower the population level.


Technocrats will need to reach Level 5 in order to gain the right to vote. As you play the game, you will earn XP, and this can be used to level up. The more you level up, the more voting power you have.


In summary, the Tech Faction aims to elevate the quality of life through a dedicated focus on scientific and technological advancements. This approach will cultivate a more capable population united by shared objectives and accelerate the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If you embrace these ideals, we welcome you to join the Tech Faction and anticipate an enlightened future ahead. Cheers to the journey towards a brighter tomorrow!

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