P2P mesh network

Cryptopia is 100% decentralized without central servers. The complete game state is on the blockchain. Less critical processes are handled peer-to-peer via meshes. The mesh network consists of 10,000 nodes. Every node is a device that handles networking traffic for Cryptopia.

In the first stage, the nodes will handle real-time positioning. In the second stage, we plan to allow nodes to perform transactions. If a transaction is not urgent, a player has the option to submit the transaction to the node network (instead of the blockchain) to lower the gas fees. The transaction is then executed when the gas fee is lucrative for node operators. The transaction functionality also opens up possibilities for player organizations like guilds to offset the fees for their players. Imagine a guild that wants to onboard new players. They can cover the gas fees for a limited period of time. This allows new players to play the game without having to worry about the fees.

In the third and last stage, Cryptopia allows other projects on its network. Blockchain projects that want to be decentralized can reach 100% decentralization via our network. Node operators can opt-in to facilitate these projects.

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