Is it within reach to establish a functional world that produces absolutely ZERO carbon emissions? The Eco faction holds an affirmative stance on this possibility, and they are persistently working towards creating such a future while simultaneously preserving their local flora and fauna.

The Earth’s Disciples, with John Smith as their advisor, want to make Cryptopia into a carbon emission-free seasteading city-state. John Smith is an enthusiastic environmentalist who studied the impacts of climate change & planet conservation; he also knows the middle ground with businessmen, technology, and people to create a sustainable future. He created the Earth's Disciples to protect this modern Eden, envisioning it as a fresh start.

The Eco faction strives to establish a nation-state that relies exclusively on the cleanest energy sources, including solar, hydro, wind power, and potentially nuclear fusion. They express willingness to endorse fission energy, provided proper safeguards for the disposal of nuclear waste are in place. Additionally, they lend support to scientific research efforts aimed at removing excess CO2 and methane, two gases known for their detrimental impact on the environment, from the atmosphere.

The outcome of these efforts will manifest as a gradual and consistent increase in income, ensuring the well-being and quality of life of all inhabitants of Cryptopia, including all living creatures. The Eco faction will oppose any policies that encourage practices deemed hazardous and harmful to the environment, particularly those centered around the utilization of fossil fuels as energy sources.

Opposition: Industrial Faction

The Industrial faction wants to maximize profits by any means necessary, and their profit motive results in disregard for the environment which puts them at odds with the Eco faction. The Earth's Disciples believe the Inheritors do not realize that their actions are undermining their own goals. A prosperous society cannot be built without clean air, clear water, and natural resources. In the end, money cannot be eaten.

Gameplay Factor

Universal pollution is the factor that will affect the Eco faction’s gameplay. The Eco faction wants to keep the pollution level low. The pollution level refers to the total pollution emitted by all buildings. Eco buildings, like nature parks, will absorb the pollution and reduce the pollution level. Buildings from the Eco faction will reduce the pollution level.


The Earth’s Disciples will need to reach level 5 to gain their voting right. In synchronization with the Eco faction’s gameplay mechanic, their voting power will come from capturing CO2. The more CO2 they capture, the more voting rights they will have.


To conclude, the Eco faction will create a sustainable future powered by renewable energy in pursuit of building a world free of carbon emissions and preserving natural wildlife. The harmony of technology and humans will bring Mother Nature to its highest potential. Do you love her as much as the Eco faction? If so, then let’s get to work!

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