Tycoon path

Build a business empire by claiming land tiles with resources, acquiring Title Deed and Blueprint NFTs, constructing, and harvesting resources, generating electricity, and building production facilities. Defend against saboteurs with Loyalty Cards.


Stake your claim on land tiles. Cryptopia has a limited amount of land but potentially unlimited players. This creates scarcity that raises land values over time. The land also contains valuable resources for you to harvest.


Tap resources by constructing the right buildings on your land tiles. Resources can be turned into valuable tokens you can trade or use for construction and production. But remember--extraction also becomes slower and more expensive over time.


Say you have claimed a land tile that's rich in coal. To extract it, you must first build a coal mine on the tile. Like all buildings, you must meet the coal mine's material and human resource requirements before it can be constructed.


Burn your Coal tokens in your Power plant to generate electricity, or trade them on the open market. Electricity is an important commodity. Almost everything in Cryptopia uses electricity to run.

Build an empire

Reach the ultimate goal and build your business empire. Will you own the steel sector? Or do you strategically go for important infrastructure like harbors? You can control parts of the market for business and leisure. But you cannot own it all, so choose carefully!

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