TOS (Cryptos) Utility Guide

TOS (Cryptos) is an ERC777 token bridged between multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon. A key role of TOS is to enable seamless interoperability across multiple blockchains.

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1. Economic Transactions

  • In-Game Currency: TOS is the default currency players use to pay for items and services within the game. Examples include buying basic blueprints and other items, paying workers (construction workers for building projects, factory workers for resource refinement and item creation), and paying for game services like increased marketplace visibility or community verification.

  • Labor Compensation: Players are both the payers and recipients of TOS in diverse labor roles. For example, a player might employ construction workers by paying them in TOS to speed up building construction. Similarly, factory owners can pay factory workers in TOS to operate machinery for resource refinement (ERC-20) or item production (ERC-721). This dynamic balance nurtures an equitable in-game labor economy.

  • Auctions and Bidding on Marketplace: Engage in competitive bidding and auctions using TOS to secure valuable items and resources.

2. Governance and Moderation

  • In-Game Staking: Required for participation in critical governance and moderation functions, staking of TOS takes place within specific in-game buildings.

  • Courts: For resolving disputes, such as username appropriateness, a token-backed mechanism led by elected moderators or an organized court session handles the deliberation. This involves staking TOS as a security deposit from both parties.

  • Oracles: Players can stake TOS to verify personal data like age or location. Verification includes social media-based tasks that further bolster community trust.

3. Tax Mechanism

  • Tax Allocation: Cryptopia's tax system plays a vital role in sustaining the game's ecosystem. A portion of the TOS spent in various in-game activities is directed into the treasury. These funds are crucial for the game's longevity as they are allocated for quest rewards, community initiatives, and other incentives that keep players engaged.


Labor Compensation: When a player pays TOS to employ a construction worker, a percentage of that payment is taxed and directed into the treasury.

Social Post Mechanism: If a user spends TOS to boost the visibility of their social post, a small portion is taxed and contributed to the treasury.

Advertising: When players spend TOS to secure advertising spaces, a share of that payment is taxed into the treasury.

The diversified sources of tax, from labor payments to social interactions and advertising, create a well-balanced and healthy game economy, ensuring a rewarding and sustainable experience for all players.

4. Community and Social Engagement

  • Membership Tiers: Access to privileged game features and social circles comes with holding specific amounts of TOS.

Social Post Mechanism

Visibility Boost: Users can spend TOS to enhance the visibility of their posts.

User Rewards: Other users can reward quality content by sending TOS, making these tokens act similarly to 'likes' but with greater value.

Trending Post Advertisements: Authors of trending posts can host ads paid for in TOS. The major share goes to the author, while a smaller part is taxed into the treasury.

5. Virtual Real Estate and Advertising

  • Virtual Real Estate: Leverage TOS to rent high-value advertising spaces on key structures within Cryptopia, like skyscrapers, enhancing your in-game influence.

6. Game-Centric Uses

  • Cooldown and Crafting Times: Players can use TOS to shorten cooldown and crafting times. Players can instantly nullify crafting times by spending TOS or benefit from reduced crafting intervals by holding TOS in their accounts.

  • Skill and Character Upgrades: Use TOS to purchase advanced skills or character enhancements, including learning new recipes.

  • Item Enhancement and Repair: Utilize TOS to enhance or repair in-game items like tools, ships, and wearables. Players with the appropriate skillset can perform repairs without cost and earn TOS by repairing items for others. Ships can be repaired in docks for a TOS fee.

  • Guild Formation: The game charges a TOS fee for guild formation. Once formed, the guild operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with its own governance token.

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