Why should you be a pirate?

Players can explore an exciting virtual world in the blockchain-based metaverse game Cryptopia. The pirate faction, renowned for its cunning and ruthless strategies, is one of the most well-liked factions in the game. In this article, we explore what makes up a pirate faction and the benefits of joining one.

Who are the pirates?

Pirates in Cryptopia are players who have broken several rules. Attacking another player in the Cryptopian Seas earns a player a negative karma point.

Once enough negative karma has been accumulated, the player is only taken to Treasure Island and given the role of a pirate. It's important to understand that players cannot rejoin their faction after becoming pirates. It is irreversible and entirely present on the blockchain, making it permanent.

What does the pirate contain?

The pirate faction represents the primary adversary in Cryptopia. One of the main factions of characters that players can interact with in the Crptopia game is the pirate faction. pirates are cunning, rapacious, and perilous individuals constantly searching for treasure and other valuable items to loot. They will do whatever it takes to succeed, frequently attacking other players and robbing them of their resources if given a chance.

When you successfully make a loot as a pirate, you will first receive XPs, and you will then want to secure your loot because it is "hot." A pirate can upgrade their specs the same way a faction player can. They benefit from upgrading their charisma, strength, luck, or speed. They can upgrade their specifications using the XPs.

The farther they move from Treasure Island, the faster the "hot" meter will fall, putting them in a dangerous territory where the bounty hunters can find them. They must move further away from Treasure Island to retain their loot. If they don't move, the "hot" meter will never go down; however, if they move away from Treasure Island, it will go down more quickly. They can move the resources into their wallet if they can avoid every bounty hunter and bring the "hot" meter to zero after a series of moves.

As a player, you can decide whether to join the pirate faction, turn yourself into a pirate, or steer clear of them and guard your loot. You can choose how you'd like to deal with the game's pirates.

Treasure Island

As Cryptopia City is every faction player's safe haven, Treasure Island is the pirates' Den and their place of refuge. The locations of the resources or treasures are indicated on a separate map for Treasure Island, but the pirates are forbidden from using it. The only players who can use these resources are members of factions.

Pirates have a significantly higher chance of successfully looting the faction players because they are strongest near the treasure's location. pirates will become more exposed and have a greater chance of losing the looted treasure as they get further from Treasure Island and toward Cryptopia City.

What happens when a pirate confronts a player?

The primary goal of pirates is to steal the resources transported by other players' ships. Once they have looted the resources, they will be "hot," making the resources vulnerable to capture by Bounty Hunters.

However, the player can attempt to bargain with the pirate first to get their resources back. After that, the player can try to bribe the pirate with TOS, Cryptopia’s native token, to leave. The player can retain their resources if the bribe is successful. If the bribe is ineffective and the pirate rejects the bargain, they engage in combat.

The player gets to retain their resources if they prevail in the battle. When the player loses, the pirate loots them successfully. It's crucial to remember that the players' storage is the only place the pirates can steal from, not their wallets.

Why should you be a pirate?

The players' freedom and flexibility are among the factors that make the pirate faction appealing. The pirate faction allows players to make individual choices and follow their paths, unlike other factions with rigid rules and regulations. As a result, players who join the pirate faction can discover new game worlds, participate in various pursuits, and create alliances with other players to further their objectives.

The potential for great wealth rewards that the pirate faction provides is another factor in its popularity. Players who join the pirate faction can gain additional rewards by completing missions, winning battles against other players, and robbing other ships. These benefits can be exchanged for better benefits by trading with other players, who may use them to upgrade their equipment or buy new items.

When you sign up to be a pirate, you join a group of people who share your interests. You'll be a part of a close-knit group that appreciates freedom and adventure. Together, you'll be able to forge deep ties and rely on one another for support and leadership.

Another justification for being a pirate is the opportunity to transform the world. The pirate faction is constantly looking for new ways to oppose the status quo and extend the bounds of what is feasible. As a member of the pirate faction, you will have the opportunity to participate in this mission and make a meaningful difference in the world.

The chance to fight other players in mighty battles is one of the pirate faction's most thrilling features. To obtain rewards and climb the ranks in the game, players who are a part of the pirate faction can participate in massive battles against rival factions or take part in a one-on-one battle with other players.

What makes a pirate in Cryptopia desirable? The pirate faction is ideal if you're looking for a faction that offers freedom, adaptability, and exciting rewards. The pirate faction is a fantastic way to experience everything that Cryptopia offers with its special skills and opportunities for adventure. So why not sign up for the pirate faction right away and begin your adventure as a fictitious pirate in the fascinating world of Cryptopia?

How can pirates own property?

We all know that Pirates don’t have the best reputation in society, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of it. Choosing to be a pirate by purchasing an Early-Access Pirate Ship or becoming one via gameplay in Cryptopia, is most definitely going to damage your reputation but it doesn’t take away your access to owning property.

Pirates are Cryptopians too, but as the cold-hearted tyrants of the sea, they will not have direct ownership of their property. The right of their property will be under a Trust, whereby a trustee holds the property as its nominal owner for the Pirate. This also means, nobody will ever really know who owns which property, since the possession of it is conducted in this type of shady manner.

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