Unique experiment

Cryptopia is a game that integrates blockchain technology in an unprecedented way. It is a unique experiment. In 2019, Frank Bonnet, our founder and lead developer, started working on his idea of a game that runs 100% on the blockchain: a game with the whole game state on the blockchain. This has never been done before.

When will the game be finished?

The game will be ready when everything on the roadmap has been cleared. When the game runs stable on the testnet for a good amount of time. But also when we have taken care of the wishes of our community.

We want our community to play the game they like. So, their opinion really matters. If we see that the community wants an addition to the game, we can add this. Take the recent example of pirates. Of course, all within the boundaries of the story, lore, and gameplay.

So, when we have built everything on our roadmap, in agreement with our community, we can start moving the game from testnet to mainnet. Once that is complete, the game will be finished.

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