Where else can you find an economy brimming with opportunities and generating substantial profits? Cryptopia, a world untethered by restrictive regulations and customs, serves as the ultimate economic haven for the Industrial faction.

The Inheritors, with Peter Nolan as their advisor, have only 1 goal they seek to achieve, and that is maximizing profits by any means necessary. Peter Nolan was given an opportunity by his father to start his own business, he immediately took the opportunity to create his own empire. Though the selections of candidates were many, the Inheritors eventually decided that Peter Nolan was the ideal leader of the Inheritors. He’s got the charisma and perseverance to transform Cryptopia into the Inheritor’s paradise.

The goal of the Inheritors is simple and straightforward: to establish a business and investment climate with minimal barriers. In Cryptopia, individuals are empowered to choose the resources they require to build their businesses, ensuring equal opportunities for all to pursue their aspirations. This world provides an ideal environment for laying the groundwork of businesses that may be considered too vast or ahead of their time for conventional countries with their restrictive laws and customs.

Driven by their goal of creating a business-friendly environment, are open to collaborating with other factions when absolutely necessary, particularly if it promises profitability. While such cooperation may involve activities that contribute to environmental pollution, the substantial returns on investment outweigh this concern.

Opposition: Eco Faction

The Eco faction is dedicated to protecting the environment by preserving natural resources, promoting biodiversity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigating pollution. Their objectives stand in stark contrast to those of the Inheritors, who prioritize profit generation, by allowing Cryptopians to use any means to run their businesses.

Gameplay Factor

Universal pollution is the factor that will affect the Industrial faction’s gameplay. The Industrial faction wants to keep the pollution level high. The pollution level refers to the total pollution emitted by all buildings. Buildings from the Industrial faction will increase the pollution level.


The Inheritors voting power comes from staking TOS. There will be a vesting period when staking TOS in a staking facility. Only after the vesting period will they gain the right to vote. Their voting power is proportional to the amount of TOS staked.


In summary, the Industrial faction is driven by a relentless pursuit of victory, aiming to dominate Cryptopia and become the wealthiest and largest faction in the world. They firmly believe that being pioneers and seizing opportunities is the sole path to achieving this goal. So, are you ready to be a winner?

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