The supply of TOS is capped at 10 billion. There will never be more TOS than this amount*. The game slowly releases the tokens as quest rewards. Players are stimulated to re-invest their earnings to increase their potential. We anticipate that demand steadily rises as more players want to progress.

Our full tokenomics are available here (password: cryptopia2024):


The Supply of TOS is Distributed for 7 Different Purposes

  1. In-Game: 25% (2.5 billion TOS) is locked in the game, waiting to be claimed by players. It can be earned by completing certain objectives and can be used to purchase in-game items or traded on the open market. It is also used to support the in-game economy.

  2. Liquidity Pools: 10% (1 billion TOS) is reserved for exchanges (CEX & DEX) to facilitate the trading of TOS.

  3. Investors: 23% (2.3 billion TOS) is being sold to investors. 19% in private sales and 4% in public sales.

  4. Partnerships: 5% (500 million TOS) is reserved for partnerships. These tokens can be used for promotions and airdrops in other communities to increase the adoption and usage of the TOS token.

  5. Company Treasury: 26% (2.8 billion TOS) is reserved for the company treasury. This allocation will be used to support the company's operations, pay for expenses, and to fund future development plans.

  6. Marketing: 5% (500 million TOS) is used for marketing purposes. Ranging from affiliate rewards to sponsored articles, these tokens serve one purpose only: get Cryptopia out there.

  7. Airdrops: 6% (600 million TOS) goes to engaged community members. TOS goes to Frontier Ships, guilds, and testnet players.

Circulating Supply

The circulating supply is difficult to predict. The tokens held by investors and the team are subject to a vesting scheme of 24+ months. If and when these tokens will be available is yet to be seen.

Another factor for the size of the circulating supply is the rate by which the 25% in-game rewards are earned and held. We, of course, believe that Cryptopia offers plenty of gameplay and fun. This is why we have confidence in a healthy in-game economy and fitting circulating supply.

Use of Funds

The proceeds of the private and public sale will further fuel the development of Cryptopia. Prior to the sales, the team self-funded the development for more than two years.

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