Envision a world where society is structured to ensure equal opportunities and rights for all, fostering an environment where everyone can flourish, thrive, and persist until the end. The Traditional faction identifies as Democratic Capitalists, aiming to achieve a perfect democracy while keeping profits in mind.

Led by Jane Brown, the Unifiers possess the ideal combination of qualities to shape Cryptopia into a blockchain utopia. Jane Brown exemplifies both compassion and outspokenness, always ready to extend a helping hand. Simultaneously, she demonstrates a cutthroat approach in her investigations, precise knowledge of the law, and formidable expertise. The Unifiers, known for their diplomatic and amiable nature, prioritize nurturing positive relationships and fostering mutual respect. Embracing inclusivity, they welcome all individuals without discrimination, considering it vital for constructing their envisioned perfect world. Due to their diplomatic tendencies, they hold a neutral and equal stance towards various philosophies.

The primary objective of the Unifiers is to establish a society dedicated to democratic cooperation, striving for equality among all its members. They generally align themselves with the majority's vote while emphasizing the importance of influencing policy by retaining a large population. They believe that genuine change originates from the grassroots level. It also helps their cause that the Unifiers are generally Cryptopia’s policy setters.

Primarily, the Traditional faction aims to provide free education to all citizens of Cryptopia, beginning from a young age. The core principle of this education revolves around comprehending their rights as citizens and respecting the rights of others. They are committed to continuously improving the voting systems and conducting referendums on important national issues. The faction advises workers to establish unions, offering them legal support, and working towards the welfare of their families. Emphasis is placed on encouraging the use of renewable energy to enhance the quality of life, while acknowledging the current reliance on fossil fuels to ensure national stability.

Opposition: Tech Faction

Their goal is to create a limited expert population of people who contribute to improving the quality of life through the implementation of technological advancements. The Unifiers disagree with this perspective arguing that the Technocrats would use genetic information to control reproduction. This would give the Technocrats complete control over who gets to live in Cryptopia.

Gameplay Factor

The universal population is the factor that will affect the Traditional faction’s gameplay. The Traditional faction wants to keep the population level high, but the population level doesn’t derive from the number of players at a given time, it rather refers to the total population score of all buildings. Each building will receive a population score, and buildings from the Traditional faction will increase the population score. So the more buildings created by the Traditional faction, the higher the population level.


The Unifiers will need to reach level 5 in order to gain the right to vote. The voting power will always be equal to 1 vote, aligning with their belief in a fair democratic system.


To sum up, the Traditional faction wants to create a society where everyone wins. This will be achieved through cooperation and mutual support, and that will drive their goals to fruition. If you share the vision of the Unifiers, then let's embark on this journey together and start making progress!

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