Many blockchain games are not fun to play. In addition, many blockchain games are unfair: not everyone can earn.

The majority of the games require you to invest in NFTs upfront. When prices are relatively low, this is no problem except for countries with a lower income level. These may have access difficulties right from the bat. When a game attracts more players and demand for NFTs rises, prices spiral out of control.

As long as you are not the last one entering and can sell your NFTs, you are 'safe.' However, you can see how this resembles a Ponzi scheme. If no new players enter, the last buyers are screwed. While not all startups designed this on purpose, it is clear that the earn component is not for everyone.

Cryptopia believes in the concept of free. We are free-to-play and, more importantly, free-to-earn. Whether you are an early adopter or a late mover, our game is designed so that you can always earn. Also, when you live in an area with a lower income level, our game is still accessible to you.

We do this by simply allowing gamers to earn without investing upfront. Just download the game and start playing. There are many ways to earn TOS (Cryptos). Finishing quests will reward you with TOS. Doing jobs for other players gets you TOS. You can collect resources like wood and stone and sell these for TOS. You can capture animals and breed better versions and earn TOS. Or, you can stake your TOS.

Ready to try?

After you have spent some time with us, we hope that our game is made for you. If not, no problem! We know it is impossible to be a game that everybody will like. But if you do like what we build, if you do like our intentions, you can decide to get invested more. You can spend more time leveling your character and increasing your potential by re-investing your rewards. Or, you can decide to purchase game items. Or do both.

We genuinely believe people will love it if you build something special. We believe we cracked the sustainability code. This is why we dare to be free-play-and-earn: we believe in our game! If you want to know more about this, make sure to watch this video:

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