The free-to-play-and-earn concept

In Cryptopia, the Adventure strategy compliments the free-to-play-and-earn experience in blockchain gaming. Players take on the role of an adventurer and strive to become the best in their chosen profession, starting at entry-level and advancing through quests and XP. These XPs upgrade their career level and traits, allowing for progress in the game. Sabotaging opponents' factories is another aspect, but it requires higher loyalty, determined by NFT Loyalty Cards.


All citizens gain a ship upon joining Cryptopia. Your ship is the primary means of transport and an NFT you can trade. You can use modules to upgrade your vessel's speed and cargo, gain new ships as quest rewards, or buy ships from sellers.


Explore Cryptopia and find the best places to apply your skills. As your abilities grow, so will your wealth and your access to even greater opportunities.


Choose a career that will make their own self unique. An adventurer can provide services to other players in terms of building construction and many more. Adventurers level up and obtain skills by doing quests.

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